Compilation - Rabbits Run in Prides

by Dreams From Gin

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Born in a gas station turned studio and taking over Western NY, Dreams From Gin embodies everything it means to be in a Alternative Rock band. They have performed with numerous award winning acts such as Grammy nominated Chris Trapper and chart topping Local H. Their music has been featured in PC and Play Station 3 hit game "Beat Hazard Ultra."

Known for their characteristic flame throwing bass, cynical baritone vocals, effects soaked guitar and spastic steady drums, their debut album “Station Songs” was released independently in 2010. “Station Songs” have been uniformly lauded by critics.

The Album Above, Rabbits Run in Prides, is a FREE offering of some of Dreams from Gin's hits and includes bonus acoustic tracks.

Dreams from Gin is currently on hiatus.

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released August 6, 2011

Dreams from Gin's Rock Music is available free for Indie Game and Media Developers, Contact us for More Details.

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Dreams from Gin Live is: Ty Prince, Christian Mott, Nick Manka

Song Credits - Tyson Prince, Christian Mott, Nick Manka, Walker Rosewood, Dustin Diak, Travis Hafner




Dreams From Gin Oswego

Dreams from Gin is from Buffalo, NY

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Track Name: I Demand Euphoria
Too Thick like Grenadine
So glimmering
So Shimmering
out grinning
in Grenadine
I need an old reminder
Thought it through and threw away
Lost my time in the time of day
Slips the words
Downsized my brain
I'm coming for you

You'll live to fight another day
The greatest wrong you'll never pay
Art is pointless and pretend
Lips in out and overspent
Their just more bad metaphors
Pushing with my image door
I'm feeling tired I"m feeling sick
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for ya looking in

I knows the words will run away
Another voice will speak say
You lost your chance before you it began
I'm coming for ya looking in
Just take another plunge ya said
Close your eyes and grab the thread
Their not much ego left to bend
I'm coming for you looking in
Track Name: Typewriter
You said my mind is some place I'd like to stay
I said my mind is some place I can't get away
outside outside outside outside
I feel so small
Inside yellow finger prints plaster the

HEY Everything I'm saying right now is worthless
Hey what you said said said wasn't worth this
Hey Wait Skip that last line

All This All This All This All this just for some ink
to write down words misinterpret what I don't not think
scratch out old methods of making concreate
crawl into lumpy dirt and admit defeat

*How do you spell redundant? Looks good*
Track Name: Hammock (Behind Waterbury)
Building sand castles out of teeth
what kind of man do you think I am
I don't really wanna know
Duct taped to repeat
what kind of ape do I wanna be
Now I really wanna know
The colors all off beat
does that count as a poem
well you really oughtta know
well you really oughtta know

in the midsts of all the action
we forgot the interaction
in the middle of the progress
we decided to regress
Things are going normal
yet I'm feeling abnormal
in the middle the moment
I wanna leave

Shuffling shoe less feet
how low is low
well I really don't know
Building sand castles out of teeth
what kind of man do you think I am
I don't really wanna know
I don't really wanna know

As if there was enlightenment
in any line of words
my opinions are really just dirt
you go to sleep
you lie in your bed
you wake up as not you
in the end
Track Name: Senseless
What you see if what you've broken
will go with what's been taking
you say your senses faking
pink green violet don't forget crimson

Textures smooth have become prickily
your tear drop holes are glossy
your safe haven is gooey
feelings feel without a jury

All you ever know will leave you
all your love will turn to hate you
the songs you sing will play without you
they'll all go on and dance without you

strongest muscle become tasteless
your face on face is faceless
all you ever knew of taste is
life within is life without this
Track Name: Stereo Fire!
I think I'll lay here awhile
Pool my dreams like bile
You turn your eyes in on me
I'll give you a big toothy smile

Alright I'm going away

I think I found my Treble
I push and pull the levers
My speakers shoot fire
That's how we heat eachother

The bass is tasting sour
More Obscure by the hour
A girls priced right at twenty
But you and me together are too many

Sulking at the midway store
Track Name: Mad About You
Feel the vibe, feel the terror, feel the pain
It’s driving me insane
I can’t fake
For God sakes why am i
Driving in the wrong lane
Trouble is my middle name
But in the end I’m not too bad
Can someone tell me if it’s wrong to be so mad about you
Mad about you
Are you the fishy wine that will give me
A headache in the morning
Or just a dark blue land mine
That’ll explode without a decent warning
Give me all your true hate
And I’ll translate it in our bed
Into never seen passion, never seen passion
That it why I am so mad about you
Mad about you
Mad about you
Trouble is your middle name
But in the end you’re not too bad
Can someone tell me if it’s wrong to be
So mad about you
Mad about you
Give me all your true hate
And I’ll translate it in your bed
Into never seen passion
That is why I am so mad about you
Mad about you
Track Name: Rabbits Run in Prides
There are
worse things than being too late
then you realize it's too late
Everything I do is such a waste
you don't I do
You've already eaten the bait
It's two too to easy
Shut up slow down and brace
I won't you will
Sand fleas at my place
So So So Sleazy
Cut up Cut out Face
Slips out

Engine Stop and Engine Go
No No No No
And I don't even wanna go
No No No

No Shit there I was more bullets in the air
Than air
Climb down gooseneck canyon
Fall asleep and stare
Throw in Europeans
Soaking clothes and hair
Throw up all my words now
Though I doubt

No Don't follow the trail of dead Armadillos
straight to New Orleans
Making miles moments
dragged around by my chain
no Big Sir won't falter
In a tin can avalanche
If your going down there
Three dead boys

I don't wanna go I
I don't wanna go I
I don't wanna go I
I don't wanna go I
I don't wanna go I