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Scott Daniels A really cool Indie Rock band that really needs more attention. Favorite track: Never Knows Best.
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Born in a gas station turned studio and taking over Western NY, Dreams From Gin embodies everything it means to be in a rock and roll band. They have performed with numerous award winning acts such as Grammy nominated Chris Trapper and chart topping Local H. Additionally their music has been featured in PS3 and PC hit game "Beat Hazard."

Known for their characteristic flame throwing bass, cynical baritone vocals, effects soaked guitar and spastic steady drums, their debut album “Station Songs” was released independently in 2009. “Station Songs” have been uniformly lauded by critics.

Their sophomore album, "Distilled" was released December 2010. Recorded and produced by the infamous Jesse Sprinkle (Bluebrick Recordings), "Distilled" is a hard hitting full length that ranges from the thoughtful and lyrical "Stoic" to the energetic and clever "Typewriter."

While striving to create excellent, uniquely original music, Dreams From Gin loves to have fun and never takes themselves too seriously- a refreshing element in both their live shows and evident throughout their recordings.

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released February 1, 2011

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Dreams From Gin Oswego

Dreams from Gin is from Buffalo, NY

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Track Name: Typewriter
You said my mind is some place I'd like to stay
I said my mind is some place I can't get away
outside outside outside outside
I feel so small
Inside yellow finger prints plaster the

HEY Everything I'm saying right now is worthless
Hey what you said said said wasn't worth this
Hey Wait Skip that last line

All This All This All This All this just for some ink
to write down words misinterpret what I don't not think
scratch out old methods of making concreate
crawl into lumpy dirt and admit defeat

*How do you spell redundant? Looks good*
Track Name: Senseless
What you see if what you've broken
will go with what's been taking
you say your senses faking
pink green violet don't forget crimson

Textures smooth have become prickily
your tear drop holes are glossy
your safe haven is gooey
feelings feel without a jury

All you ever know will leave you
all your love will turn to hate you
the songs you sing will play without you
they'll all go on and dance without you

strongest muscle become tasteless
your face on face is faceless
all you ever knew of taste is
life within is life without this
Track Name: Hammock (behind Waterbury)
Building sand castles out of teeth
what kind of man do you think I am
I don't really wanna know
Duct taped to repeat
what kind of ape do I wanna be
Now I really wanna know
The colors all off beat
does that count as a poem
well you really oughtta know
well you really oughtta know

in the midsts of all the action
we forgot the interaction
in the middle of the progress
we decided to regress
Things are going normal
yet I'm feeling abnormal
in the middle the moment
I wanna leave

Shuffling shoe less feet
how low is low
well I really don't know
Building sand castles out of teeth
what kind of man do you think I am
I don't really wanna know
I don't really wanna know

As if there was enlightenment
in any line of words
my opinions are really just dirt
you go to sleep
you lie in your bed
you wake up as not you
in the end
Track Name: Stereo Fire!
I think I'll lay here awhile
Pool my dreams like bile
You turn your eyes in on me
I'll give you a big toothy smile

Alright I'm going away

I think I found my Treble
I push and pull the levers
My speakers shoot fire
That's how we heat eachother

The bass is tasting sour
More Obscure by the hour
A girls priced right at twenty
But you and me together are too many

Sulking at the midway store
Track Name: Never Knows Best
I think it's warmer when the sun goes down
I hear louder when I'm full of sound
what I didn't say must have slipped my mind
flick your cigarette and go back inside

If any single melody in any single key could some how in someway remind you of me

I'm not sure I'd wanna know
I'm really not sure what best all
can you steal something that's free
can you turn time back to me
I'm not sure I'd want to know

I think I'm done when the sun goes down
I wanna hear nothing but your sound
vibration and frequency tearing me apart
reminding me of what I can't outsmart
Track Name: Broadcast
I would take over this world if I could
just make it off of this couch.
I would become someone
As long as nothing good is on tv.

But the colors are so attractive,
and the noise distracting from thinking.

Wasted days turn into wasted years.
Mine is a life I've witnessed but haven't lived.
I have had such well intentioned dreams,
but time turns dreams into regrets.

I would hope for brighter futures
if I thought I had any control.

This is the end of reason.
From here on out I'm just guessing 'cause there's nothing left to lose.
There are no explanations.
You do what you can but you have to choose
To be alive. You have to choose a lie.
Track Name: Disingenuous
You're never coming through, you're never coming through for me,
You haven't before so why should I expect you to now.
I have no reason to believe
That you would keep any of the promises
That you made to me.

Everything that you said to me was a line
convincingly articulated and perfectly timed.
But I won't let you mess with my head any more.
I've got you figured out, you're just an attention whore.
Track Name: Stones and Glass
Another cold night. This December sky is clear
still I can't see the stars. The city lights tear up the sky

So I walk these streets alone under the purple haze.
Down the roads you don't know so you can't find me.

So let's just pretend for one night
That you won't come looking for me,
That I'm never coming back.

My thoughts escape my mind, they bounce between stone and glass.
Reverberating, silent echoes of a distant past.

Searching for the greener side but I can't find it.
There are no answers here, just lies and this gray pavement.

What would happen, just for tonight?
If I had freedom just for one night
would I find a better life?
Would I come home to you
or would I leave here tonight?
Track Name: Stoic
Staring over the vantage
To get a minor advantage
Watching dotted snow flakes
Stirs up my headaches
All the people have formed around bits of dust
They spend their lives being pushed around
By every single gust

All your life will go
Your Home won't be your home
The names will hang around
The words will slip and fall down

Mumbling over the sleet
The words cut across my cheeks
Moving farther takes me further
From the peace
Without a place my pace seems
Far from complete
The blank stares the steady looks
They move me to my feet